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Quality, food safety, sustainability and support in the whole food supply chain for ‘tomorrows’ best’. For customers, who aim at the best for their customers. That is our ultimate goal. It is our objective to support customers driving their business to excel. How? By identifying and resolving an issue together and looking for the best possible solution. Then we marry the right solution with the required service and expertise. From consultancy to training and outsourcing. And ad interim when skilled expertise or capacity is needed.

While selecting a team, care is given to match and mirror your corporate culture, as we believe that a personal match determines the success. Optimal performance starts with us, therefore we invest to provide you with the best advice: By charging consultants and interim professionals with demanding projects, and by allowing room for personal development. Annually we are assessed for quality performance. We invest in personal development. And we treat customers like we want to be treated ourselves. Reliable, flexible, fair, and focused on achieving agreed goals.

Evidence comes from our loyal customer base; we are repeatedly invited to deliver in challenging projects in the international food supply chain and feed industry.

We provide services for:

  • Food- and feed manufacturers;
  • Retail industry;
  • (Semi)Governmental organizations;
  • Packaging manufacturers;
  • Corporate and logistics services.

Both national and international projects are coordinated from the office in Holland.


With tomorrow’s eye


With skilled professionals, a comprehensive package of services, and a very extensive business network we help organizations now and in the future to build better businesses and deliver excellent products for today and tomorrow that make a difference. For this we are encouraged by the confidence that customers give us time and again.


Values to build on


If you plan to build, you need to rely on a solid foundation. For Précon this means that our people will perform professional, personal, ethical, reliable and goal directed.



Delivering high quality services is key for Précon in doing business with our clients. We continuously improve ourselves to provide clients with the best advice. That means also recognizing the things we are less good at. Should we need expertise we don’t have, we engage a partner with the specific expertise.


We believe in personal customization. Therefore we are convinced that a ‘click’ also determines the success rate of our work. Hence, we select the best consultant for your questions not only based on the necessary expertise, but also on personal characteristics.


‘Treat others the way you yourself want to be treated’. Précon operates on the basis of honesty, openness and diligence. We greatly value ethical behaviour. Therefore, all Précon staff commit annually to a specifically developed Précon code of conduct.


Reliability plays an important role with Précon. It is in our genes. Therefore, we act according to defined methods monitored by a quality management system. So, we know that “it is all right”, always. Our quality system is certified against ISO 9001:2008. In addition, every two year we are inspected by Cedeo for ‘Custom corporate training’ and ‘Management Consultancy’.

Goal directed

“Do not give a customer what he asks, but what he needs”. Or in other words, the solution is leading. Précon helps you to sharpen and realize your business goals. We offer help to sharpen your performance, so you get a better outlook on improvement opportunities. We cooperate to achieve the best results for your organization.



If it is your desire to distinguish yourself positively in the market and to impress your customers continuously, then Précon offers a full package of services to support you living up to your standards. By providing training to your staff up to filling up operational- or management positions temporarily. Even outsourcing your food safety and/or quality assurance is a task we can care for.




For us it is a pleasure to select the right solution for every service contract agreement. If necessary we just develop a new one. Précon believes in customized and practical solutions, so that even after completion of the contract you will experience our added value.

At the start of a project we begin with a thorough inventory of your situation, needs and requirements. Based on this, we select a consultant and/or a team with the required know-how and relevant expertise even more so on personal qualities which would fit your culture. This ‘click’ determines the rate of success in the assignment.



Increasing your employees’ know-how and skills goes further than just sharing knowledge. That’s why we work with experts on training and education.

Our professionals not only have years of experience in the global food supply chain but they also master the appropriate teaching skills. Therefore we say with confidence: Précon is the training partner for your training needs. Whether it comes to improve professional performance or to better work with available systems. Because no human is the same nor learns in the same way, we offer different types of training. Perfectly attuned to the skill base and the practical situation of your employees. We offer:

  • Classroom training;
  • E-learning;
  • Blended Learning (combination of training types and coaching).



Do you suddenly (temporary) need specific know-how and expertise to continue business or to make more progress on an ongoing issue? Précon offers support with miscellaneous issues and projects. From highly skilled professionals and employees with a number of years of experience to fully experienced (project) managers. Together we determine which professional is needed, for what period in order to select the one who fits best with your company culture. This is how we guarantee an optimal result.



Are you considering to outsource your food safety and/or quality systems management? Do you not possess the appropriate know-how or do you need to deploy your scarce professionals for other purposes? Benefit from more than 20 years’ experience of Précon in quality, hygiene and food safety management. During a thorough intake we identify your requirements, your needs, performance in food quality management and the company culture. Then we select a professional with the required expertise and skills to manage, maintain and where necessary to optimize the systems in place.

In the whole chain

Our expertise: support throughout the chain

Our expertise: support throughout the chain

Food safety and quality management are essential elements in food and feed processing. They are sine qua non if you want to stay in business. Hence the importance of continuous monitoring. Précon has been assisting clients for more than 20 years in establishing and maintaining effective and efficient quality - and food safety management systems. So, continuity and continuous operation are guaranteed.

Process improvement and optimization

Process improvement and optimization

Are your business processes running efficiently? Is there a need for lower operating costs, reduced reject percentages or emissions? While working more effective? Resulting in increased lead time reliability? Reviewing your processes can enhance your costs and customer service level. And eventually can lead to more customer satisfaction. Précon has the right approach to manage such improvements. In cooperation with you, we identify bottlenecks, determine the objectives and agree upon the improvement plan. From writing a concise report specifying the steps to take, to a fully-fledged take on the implementation project.

Management and organization

Management and organization

The structure of the organization and employee behaviour is largely accountable for the realization of your organizational objectives. Processing of safe, healthy and tasty food is a direct result of the way the business is managed and run. How to deal and to communicate effectively with staff, and customers? Which technology to apply? Which logistical control support makes your products flow? Which requirements must meet your facilities? In short, which choices will make your business and product a success? The professionals of Précon assist you in these choices with the experience of many thousands of client hours as a consultant, coach, trainer or interim manager.

Laws and regulations (Regulatory affairs)

Laws and regulations (Regulatory affairs)

What should your company and products meet in accordance with laws and regulations? The use of complex language, a large body of texts and regular changes often lead to ambiguities and misunderstandings. To ensure compliance with laws and regulations also requires extensive knowledge, time and effort. Time you prefer to spend elsewhere. Précon closely monitors publication of legislation updates, new laws and regulations and interpretations. So, we can proactively alert you on potential impact on your organization. And we help you today to prepare for tomorrow.

Use the button below to find our legislation tool.

Précon's tool for finding legislation concerning labelling

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