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At Précon we are convinced that quality management is more than being compliant with quality standards and legislation and regulations. Compliance is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Quality means meeting the wish of the customer in the broadest sense of the word. That is why quality management should create the link between customer and supplier, and between workplace and MT.

It is not just about procedures, product and processes, but also about the approach of anyone within the organisation and also about continuous improvement.

A good quality system therefore pays off at various levels within the organisation.

This turns quality ever more into an integral process within organisations. And in this respect the playing field of the quality manager also becomes ever broader.

Knowledge and expertise of management systems and audit standards, food safety, hazards and risk analysis, national and European legislation and regulations and effect on behaviour is required.

Précon disposes of a team of professionals with practical experience in one or more of these areas.

By bundling these expertises we make extensive knowledge and experience available that are in line with your issue. Every issue is different, every solution is different. It is a challenge to us to find the right form of solution for every contract.

Précon believes in practical customisation, immediately workable, in order that after the completion of the contract you truly experience our added value. Whether it regards the implementation of the latest version of IFS, BRC or FSSC 22000 or the adjustment of your handbook; we check what you need.

Does training suffice or is consultancy more appropriate? Will this consultant be most useful through implementation or is coaching more appropriate? Perhaps it is more appropriate that we take over the full responsibility for (a part of) your quality service. Ad interim or perhaps even long-term.

A modern quality management system cannot operate without a software system. A system that makes matters demonstrable but that also helps you to learn lessons. Quasydoc is an example of this kind of quality management system with which our consultants have good experiences. Précon is pleased to assist you in the organisation and the implementation.

Depending on the nature of the contract, we select a consultant. The latter disposes of the correct level of knowledge and the relevant expertise. Moreover, the quality of the work of this consultant is safeguarded by us.

Hence, we also offer you a total solution in this respect. Equally important: our consultant is also selected on personal characteristics. They must be in line with the contract and with your culture, because this 'click' is also decisive for the degree of success of our work.

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