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Food Law Guide

Businesses in the food chain are bound by European and national legislation and regulations. Changes occur regularly. But how does your business remain compliant, how do you stay informed of relevant changes?

The Food Law Guide is an online tool that weekly informs you of changes in legislation and regulations about food and food safety on the basis of a profile. Do you only want to see changes that are applicable to your business? Then you set up a business-specific register.

The Food Law Guide uses the following sources:

  • European legislation;
  • National (NL) legislation;
  • Case law;
  • Data sheets.

The Food Law Guide offers the Compliance+ and the Compliance Professional subscription.

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Food Law Guide Compliance+

This subscription is for businesses that want to be certain that they comply with the legislation and regulations. You take advantage of the Food Law Guide that weekly informs you of changes in legislation and regulations at the European and national level. The changes have already been summarised for you by our Regulatory Affairs specialists. This saves your precious time and prevents mistakes that affect your products and quality care system.


At the start of the subscription you prepare a profile that forms the basis for the subscription. You then weekly receive an attention email that refers to changes.

These changes have already been summarised for you. This way you can determine in a short time what changes are relevant to your situation.

In addition, we offer you a Knowledge Database. This enables you to search the complex web of legislation and regulations fast and easily.

Food Law Guide Compliance Professional

With this subscription you are offered a full service solution. In addition to the Compliance+ subscription, you take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a Regulatory Affairs specialist. We convert everything into business-specific actions for you.

In addition, you quarterly receive a customised report of changes in legislation and regulations at the European and national level that originate from your business-specific register.


At the start of the subscription a consultant will visit your business for an intake interview. The intake focuses on the introduction and an analysis of resources, processes and end products. The result is a business-specific register, the foundation for your subscription.

In addition to the attention service, four times a year you receive a customised report. In this report the changes are converted into specific actions that your business should take to remain compliant with the legislation and regulations. Moreover, during the term of the subscription you can rely on the helpdesk function of our Regulatory Affairs specialists.

An annual evaluation meeting where potential adjustments in the profile or changes in the subscription are discussed ensures that the subscription remains in line with your business-specific situation.

We list the differences for you:

Compliance+ Compliance professional
Handy online database
Up to date EU and national legislation and publications
Weekly attention service in case of relevant changes
Dedicated to your practice
Tool when implementing changes
Demonstrably compliant for customer or auditor
Helpdesk: knowledge and expertise of an RA specialist
Four times a year customised report
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