Jumbo Jumbo is offered a full-service solution in specification management

Jumbo Supermarkten is one of the largest retailers of our country. With an ever-changing assortment of no less than 10,000 private label products specification management is of utmost importance.

After all, the labels are prepared on the basis of the information in the ‘specs’. Apart from attractive packaging, all product information must comply with legislation and regulations.

"By relying on the knowledge and resources of Precon, Jumbo has had an excellent partner in the area of product specifications for many years already. From thinking along about the optimisation of internal processes at Jumbo to accelerate the time-to-market to the optimisation of the quality systems." Johan Hulleman, Quality Manager - JUMBO Supermarkten B.V.

The challenge

Annually approximately 4,0000 products are newly developed or are subject to a change in recipe at Jumbo Supermarkten. Resulting in a new or adjusted product specification and label. Both must by law contain the correct statutory information and in respect of labels it is noted that they cannot mislead the consumer.

With a highly diverse assortment, from fresh products to groceries and from food to non-food, this verification is quite a challenge. It requires ample knowledge of and experience with both European and national legislation. That is why Jumbo Supermarkten opted for the complete outsourcing of the specification management and related label compliance to Précon.

The approach

Meanwhile Précon has become thoroughly familiar with the process of Jumbo Supermarkten and has ample experience with the labelling protocol of Jumbo Supermarkten. Précon offers a full-service solution to Jumbo in the entire process, which starts at the issue of EAN codes and the release of the specification for the supplier.

Précon then coordinates the planning and makes sure that deadlines are met. They contact the suppliers to support the complete entry in the systems and they finally check the complete artwork.

The dedicated team of Précon partly works from the head office of Jumbo Supermarkten in Veghel. This enables clear communication with assortment managers, buyers and designers in order to thus jointly arrive at an efficient and correct process of specification management.

Professionals involved

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